Remembering The Days of 200B

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200B Photo Galleries

The 200B explored the new south atrium of the Koch Center (Jan. 14, 2005).

Photographs from the 200B reunion in January 2005.

Chris and Terri post with the diploma.

(May 8, 2004) Chris finally graduates from UE.

Lindsay and Ryan prepare to cut the cake at the reception. (Aug. 16, 2003)

(August 16, 2003) Ryan Dillman married Lindsay Hays in Paoli.

The 200B Computer Center gets packed. (May 4, 2001)

(April and May 2001) Our last days at 200B.

J.D. watching TV from the living room couch. Jeff's shoes glow in the background. (April 11, 2001)

(April 5 and April 11, 2001) A photographic tour of the 200B apartment.

Directly in front of Pickett's house. (Feb. 7, 2001)

(Feb. 7, 2001) Evansville man Robert Pickett was shot in Washington by the Secret Service after firing shots towards the White House. Kyle and Jeff visited his house the same day.

Clouds approach 200B from the west.

(Feb. 5, 2001) Interesting cloud formations as viewed from our apartment.

The ever excitable Brent and the newly installed bird feeder.

(January 21, 2001) Brent, J.D. and Jeff decided it would be nice to have a bird feeder in the front yard.

J.D. escorts the hooded Brent and Kyle into Chuck E. Cheese.

(Dec. 2, 2000) Some pictures from a birthday party we threw for Kyle and Brent.

Almost done. (Nov. 27, 2000)

(Nov. 27, 2000) The boys of 200B put up a Christmas tree.

Still jamming.

(Nov. 7, 2000) We held a party on election night to watch the election results... The election went on all night so, so did our party.

The Bride, Mrs. Gretchen Hetrick (Oct. 14, 2000)

(Oct. 14, 2000) Jeff and Ryan traveled to Columbus, Ohio to see our friend Gretchen get married.

Completing the rescue: J.D. loads the bikes into his vehicle.

(Sept. 2000) Brent, Kyle, and J.D. had a flat tire during a bike trip through Evansville; Chris and Jeff came to the rescue.

Arad McCutchan Stadium

(Sept. 20, 2000) The view Arad McCutchan Stadium from the 200B front door during a soccer game.

Brent and J.D.'s bedroom window: the tomato portal. (Sept. 17)

(Sept. 17, 2000) A tomato finds its way through an open window.

Brent stokes the flames of the freshly ignited fire.

(Sept. 7, 2000) Brent, J.D., and Kyle grill out steaks in the 200B front yard.


(Sept. 5, 2000) Brent and Ryan make fools of themselves in our front yard.

Ryan prepares for his run in the 200B living room. (Sept. 4)

(Sept. 4, 2000) It takes all of 200B to successfully send Ryan off on a jog.

Ooo Scary

Chris' pet lizard.

Kyle and Jeff adorn the tree with garland.

(Fall 1998) Kyle and Jeff decorate the Christmas Tree at Harlaxton.

200 South Frederick

Various images related to the 200B website.

Ellen and Angie attempt to name Angie's new pet. (September 15, 2000)

Some friends of the 200B roommates.